Paper shredder stop working? Maybe it overheat.


Paper shredder stop working? Maybe it overheat.

Symptoms of Overheating
Do you have a shredder that won’t shred? Many people don’t realize that most paper shredders have a maximum run-time because their motor gets warm from shredding. The maximum run time means that if a shredder is used for a long time consecutively, the machine will eventually shut off to cool down. The maximum run-time and cool-down period differ per shredder, but these are usually specified in the user manual for your device. There are also paper shredders that can run continuously, so there is no maximum run-time. These are heavy-duty type shredders and industrial paper shredders.

So, if your shredder has suddenly stopped running in the middle of a shredding job but doesn’t appear to be jammed, the chances are that it is taking a break to cool down. It will start up again, usually within the next 30 minutes after leaving it to cool down. If your shredder does not start up again after the defined cool downtime, it could have a different problem, such as a paper jam or a full paper bin, which are both easily solved. However, the worst-case scenario for a shredder is when it has a technical or motor flaw, for which you will need to contact the manufacturer. But let’s hope this is not the case.


Quick Fix
Unfortunately, if your paper shredder has overheated and decided to take a timeout, you cannot do much. The shutdown is a security measure of the shredder to prevent damage to the motor of the machine. The best thing you can do is leave it alone for a while (check your manual to see how many minutes) and try again later. Also, in the future, try to prevent it from overheating too often. If your shredder overheats often, it is probably a sign that you need a more heavy-duty shredder, which better suits your needs and can handle shredding larger amounts of paper for a more extended session. 


How to Prevent Overheating:
Spread out your shredding activities over the day or week (Don’t do all your shredding at once).
Shred fewer sheets of paper at a time.
Get a shredder that can handle your shredding needs.